Jewel of Kings

A Strategic Find & Recover Puzzle Game Jewel of Kings
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Distinctive Puzzle Card Game

Test your puzzle solving skills with this new take on solitaire card games. Explore the ruins to find valuable artifacts until you claim the Jewel of Kings. Use unique card abilities to gain strategic advantage.

Lifelong Entertainment

Never run out of fun with 999,999 selectable, replayable games - because 1 million would just be crazy! Every game is winnable and can also be replayed to find a better solution or score.

Strategic, Thoughtful Gameplay

The joy of playing Jewel of Kings is the challenge of finding your unique solution to each puzzle, as much as winning is. Play distraction free as there is:

  • No pressure with unlimited undo/redo.
  • No locked content or additional purchases required.
  • No ads or demands for ratings.

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"Jewel of Kings is a simple but fun game with some smart tactical gameplay..."
Find and Recover the Jewel of Kings before running out of cards.
Jewel of Kings Initial Game Puzzle Screen
The game is based on a regular deck of cards plus the Jewel of Kings. You, as the Explorer, start with a deck of the 24 low cards - the 1 to 6 of each suit. The remaining high value cards and the Jewel of Kings are randomly placed in individual rooms and assigned a recovery cost.
You are dealt a Junk card and a hand of 4 cards. The hand cards are used to recover the cards in the rooms. The game is won by recovering the Jewel of Kings which has a recovery cost of 44. In order to win, the 4 hand cards must total or exceed 44.
Start by swapping a Hand card with the Junk card to improve the Hand Total. This can be done at any time during a turn. Even tapped cards may be swapped with the Junk card.
Jewel of Kings Select an Adjacent Room
Move the explorer token through the rooms by selecting an adjacent room. This will uncover hidden cards and improve your deck by recovering higher cards leading to the ultimate goal of recovering the Jewel of Kings.
Only one room can be selected per turn. The cost to recover the room card is shown on the room. The cost to unlock a room, 11, needs to be paid once per room. The room unlock cost may be paid at the same time as the recovery cost.
Empty rooms may be entered anytime, automatically ending the turn. Rooms with a card that have been previously entered may be re-entered anytime and the room card may be recovered.
Jewel of Kings Recover a Card from the Ruins
Tap hand cards after having selected a room with a card. Tapped hand cards pay for the room unlock and room card recovery costs.
The game displays the remaining amounts needed to unlock rooms or recover a card, showing a checkmark if the tapped amount meets or exceeds the cost.
It is possible to enter a locked room by paying just the unlock cost and ending the turn. The room is entered and the adjacent room cards are revealed.
End a turn by selecting the end turn button.
Jewel of Kings End of Turn makes things happen.
Ending the turn makes things happen.
Tapped hand cards, Volatile cards, and the Junk card are discarded and replaced from the deck. If there are not enough cards in the deck then the discard pile is reshuffled into the deck. There are a fixed number of reshuffles before the game ends.
Room cards are recovered if the selected room has a card and the recovery cost has been payed. This is shown by checkmarks in the card cost tally. Recovered cards go into the discard pile and become available after the next shuffle. The Junk card is removed from play.
Strategically, it is possible to end a turn without moving rooms.
Jewel of Kings Gameplay Options.
Each game, ie: game 000001, has its own unique starting deck and randomized board layout so that games can be replayed. It is possible to select any game by tapping on the game digits.
Change the game difficulty by changing the recovery cost for the Jewel of Kings. Higher recovery costs are harder. The easiest difficulty, Unlimited Shuffles, can be used to change the game challenge in that it is now possible collect all the point cards.
Points can be toggled off to simplify regular gameplay.
Jewel of Kings Hearts are Volatile


Hearts are Volatile: they add 1 to their value, but are discarded at end of turn.
Jewel of Kings Spades are Suitable


Spades are Suitable: They add 1 to their value when there are more black hand cards, and lose 1 when there are more red hand cards.

Jewel of Kings Diamonds are Valuable


Diamonds are Valuable: They count towards total points.
Jewel of Kings Clubs are Ascendent


Clubs are Ascendent: They add 1 to their value if it is the highest hand card and lose 1 if it is the lowest hand card.
Jewel of Kings Card

Jewel of Kings

Find and recover this room card, the Jewel of Kings, to win the game.
Jewel of Kings Undiscovered Room


Some rooms start completely hidden. Move adjacent to this room to reveal the recovery cost for card within.
Jewel of Kings Locked Room


This room card has been revealed but has never been unlocked.
Jewel of Kings Partially Revealed Room

Partially Revealed

Some rooms start partially revealed. Move adjacent to this room to reveal the card suit.
Jewel of Kings Unlocked Room


The room has been entered, ie: the unlock cost has been payed. This room can be moved through like an empty room and the room card can still be recovered.
Jewel of Kings Empty Room


A room is empty after the room card has been recovered.
Jewel of Kings Untapped Hand Card

Untapped hand card

An untapped regular hand card with no abilities.
Jewel of Kings Discard Card

Discard card

Player cards with a dark background will be discarded at the end of the turn. Ie: Junk, Volatile, and tapped cards are discarded.
Jewel of Kings Tapped Card

Tapped card

Tapped cards are raised with a semi circle below. Tapped cards are always discarded at the end of the turn.
Jewel of Kings Card Ability

Ability effect

A card affected by a card ability. Cards affected by card abilities will either be plus or minus 1.


The top part of the screen where the high deck cards are placed in rooms at the starting of the game.


A single card location in the Ruins. Rooms with cards show the cost to recover the room card.


The player token shows the current room location of the player explorer.


Left most player card. Discarded each turn.

Hand Cards

The 4 right most player cards used to unlock rooms and locate room cards.

Recovery Cost

The hand card total needed to recover the room card.

Unlock Cost

11: The minimum hand card total needed to enter a room the first time. The room cannot be entered unless this cost is payed. The Unlock cost can be payed at the same time as paying the Recovery Cost.


Exchange the Junk card for a room card. The recovered room card is placed in the discard pile and is available after the next shuffle. The Junk card is destroyed.


Put the discard pile cards back into the Deck. The standard game allows 3 shuffles.